Quality policyon Panizzolo second-hand

Each used recycling plant and used recycling machinery that we return follows a precise revision procedure, ensuring the highest quality and production standards to metal waste treatment companies with reconditioned hammermills, shredders and separation systems. Each used plant for waste grinding is assigned to a team of highly specialized mechanic and electric technicians and under the supervision of the project manager.

Complete mechanic and electric check

The return of the used recycling plant and used recycling machinery coincides with a first visual check, noting the worn components and elements to be changed or updated. Subsequently, the machinery is completely dismantled for more in-depth analysis. Panizzolo Recycling System replacement policy follows two logics. On the one hand, if a component is clearly worn, it is replaced with a new one of the same or higher quality. Differently, a component can also be replaced when it does not respect our quality level of integrity. In used hammermills, the rotor is the component most subject to grinding. It is therefore completely dismantled, the condition of the bearings is evaluated, the balance checked and then restored to the optimal working status. Control unit and hydraulic system are dismantled, checked and reconditioned. All components are greased and lubricated, and the fastening of the screws is checked.

The electric check does not focus only on non-functioning elements. Rather, the power panel is completely inspected and every component cleaned, paying particular attention to tightening terminals, counters, fuses and more. The push-button panel, where present, is dismantled and checked or changed. At the end of the overhauling activities, the used recycling system is totally assembled and tested following the same testing procedure as the new machinery.

Updates of the reconditioned machinery

Thanks to Panizzolo Recycling Systems team activities, electric and software components are continuously updated to improve production efficiency, personnel safety and output quality. Where possible, the overhauled used recycling machinery are also updated, so that they are in step with the new models.

Panizzolo certificate revision process

Procedures vary from machine to machine but in general they can be summarized in the following procedure:

  • Total dismantling of the used recycling plant and used recycling machinery;
  • Check, cleaning, replacement of worn components and components that do not comply with Panizzolo integrity level;
  • Second-hand hammermills: extraction of the rotor for complete check, greasing and balancing.
  • Second-hand shredders: extraction of shafts, dismantling and checking of components.
  • Disassembly and overhaul of the hydraulic system;
  • Electric, software and all non-technologically adequate components upgrade;
  • Total inspection and cleaning of the electrical panel and push button panel;
  • Total greasing, lubrication and screws fastening;
  • Final test of correct operation: same procedure as for new recycling plant and new recycling machinery.

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