Customer Care

With its thirty years of direct experience, Panizzolo Recycling is a business organisation with a focus on innovation that boasts a skilled team of industry experts capable of developing tailor-made recycling solutions for metal waste disposal. We know and understand the issues related to the recovery of secondary raw materials. That is why we can offer immediate solutions at any stage of the process: from initial contact to the sales network, from site visit to design, from production through to installation and after-sales technical consultancy.

Our team of experienced technicians is geared towards developing environmentally-friendly solutions, aimed at improving and optimising the quality processes of waste recycling plants, complying with environment-related regulations. Respecting the environment, satisfying and helping our customers with tangible solutions is our mission!

We are an ideal, reliable partner. Public and private companies come to us to find tangible solutions for recycling secondary raw materials and recovering production waste. We are continually committed to providing thorough, extensive quality service, along with comprehensive after-sales support. We can quickly meet all of our customers’ requests, offering safe, optimal solutions.

Ensuring the long-term efficiency and operation of our industrial waste recycling plants is our goal! Find out about our winning formula.

Consultancy during selection

Un qualificato team di professionisti supporta il cliente nella scelta della soluzione di riciclaggio più adatta alle sue esigenze e alla richiesta del mercato. Parametrare in modo corretto necessità e caratteristiche produttive è la garanzia più efficace per la buona riuscita del business.

After-sales service

To support the customer through all business stages, we have set up a quick, professional after-sales service. Training and refresher courses, remote assistance, revamping services and spare parts packages are available to ensure greater efficiency and long service life for Panizzolo Recycling solutions.

Tailor-made solutions

Each recycling plant is designed to reflect all the customer’s needs in terms of output materials, hourly production and processing procedures. Logistics is also assessed, it being a key factor to optimise the production cycle. Our turnkey service ends by thoroughly training final operators. Transferring the required know-how for safe operation of the whole system, both during processing and routine maintenance, is essential.