Why choose Panizzolo Recycling

Constant research and development. Thirty years of direct know-how.

Our patents. Our strengths

A constant Research and Development activity and 30 years of know-how are the guarantee of extensive knowledge of the scrap market and an awareness of supplying technologies that sum up the concept “time is money”. Thanks to our strengths and patented components, Panizzolo Recycling processes maximize production, reduce management and maintenance costs, to be able to attain full recovery of secondary raw materials and to reintroduce them directly into the economic cycle.

Grinding patents

A common characteristic of Panizzolo hammer mills, the interchangeable cradle is a significant plus in the grinding of metal scrap.

Refining patents

For an End-of-Waste cycle treatment of metal scrap with highly wear-causing features, for a profitable recovery of granulated metals such as copper, aluminium and brass.

The strengths of our technologies

Flexible plants

Our technologies quickly adapt to different treatment needs, simplifying and speeding up the type and size of incoming waste. In addition, recycling solutions can always be combined with a wide range of accessories that the customer can implement any time.

Output excellence

Panizzolo Recycling solutions include grinding, shredding, separation and granulation technologies for the full recovery of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Due to the high-quality output, many customers deliver the metals directly to the foundry and steel mill.

Special anti-wear castings and steels

Special anti-wear castings and steel alloys are installed in Panizzolo technologies both in grinding as well as in the refining and granulation of metals so as to recover heavy duty and wear-causing scrap. Our experience in this area is the result of long experiments carried out jointly with the University of Padua and field-tested. Thanks to Research and Development, we have been able to fine tune the recycling process resulting in smooth, steady production cycles. Reliability means ensuring the efficiency of the recycling process in the long run, preventing sudden drops in production due to individual component wear.

Structural solidity

The thickness of armours, steelwork, reinforcements and welds in the machinery are aimed at guaranteeing its integrity throughout its life cycle and during very intensive treatments. Grinding stress is limited to interchangeable or consumable components, without affecting the structure of the hammer mill.

Low energy consumption

Thanks to their specific shredding logic, Panizzolo Recycling hammer mills maximise the energy consumption and hourly productivity ratio. With kW used being equal, our machines can process a greater quantity of materials per hour than those of the main competitors on the market.

Software and remote control

Panizzolo plants are equipped with a specific in-house designed control and supervision software. It guarantees production stability and allows the customer to remotely monitor the activities of the plant, electrical absorption, faults analyses and much more. Production activities can always be monitored from the machine with a last generation touch screen panel or remotely from your tablet.

Fast maintenance

Panizzolo technologies are designed to minimise production downtime and the number of operators involved in the operation. The simplicity of these operations implicates involving an essential number of maintenance technicians, without the need for particularly professional equipment. Periodical inspections and greasing operations are simple and intuitive, without needing to disassemble any parts of the machinery.


All Panizzolo machinery is designed for non-exceptional road transport and quick stowage on container ships. In particular, Flex Mobile hammer mills are designed for quick transport and start-up thanks to a specific hoisting system for loading on a truck.