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How do you treat metal scrap? Following changes on the market in recent years and in compliance with new European standards, companies are ever more encouraged to perform End-of-Waste treatments, to totally recover metals and transform them into secondary raw material.

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Panizzolo plants are valued for their production performance, low consumption and management costs, and their ease of use. We stand out for our strong experience as direct users of processing systems and, exploiting this know-how, we study all the new solutions focusing on the customer and on the success of their investment.

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Metal scrap has always been a waste of great interest due to its high concentration of metal – in some cases reaching 90% of its overall weight. This led in the past to many companies founding their business on the marketing of metal scrap. In recent years, the recycling of this type of material is even more quoted due to the increase in prices of raw materials and a progressive conversion of these businesses to a complete treatment process. In fact recovery represents an important occasion from an environmental standpoint and a more eco-friendly solution than the brand-new production of metals, and this is not all! The conversion from only marketing to a complete metal treatment cycle entails a variety of economical advantages and the possibility of opening new perspectives for one’s business and new concrete trade opportunities.

The exponential improvement in recycling processes and innovative grinding and sorting technologies allow our metal transformation plants to return a homogeneous material with a high specific weight, ideal to be put back on the market. It is fundamental that they comply with all of the conditions set forth by EU standards to become secondary raw material and no longer fall under the waste category. The high quality of our outputs is guaranteed and is ideal for the direct sale of iron, copper, brass, steel and aluminium to foundries and steel mills.

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