WEEErecycling plants

it's time to maximizethe value of metals

Modular systems

Panizzolo plants allow you to always implement treatment technologies, obtaining the size and sorting degree most convenient for the company.

Mechanical treatment

Only mechanical and in-line treatment cycles are applied in Panizzolo solutions, streamlining the process in terms of simplicity, costs and production results.

Low management costs

The operating costs of Panizzolo plants are below the average on the market, favouring the productivity and profitability of the plant.

Centralised management

Panizzolo software guarantees the centralised control of all the technologies on the plant. It autonomously manages the parameters, interfacing with operators through a specific touch screen.

Treatment flexibility

Panizzolo machinery can receive different types and sizes of infeed material, depending on the scrap and on customer requirements. This flexibility is also made possible thanks to specific patented elements.

These recycling solutions developed by Panizzolo Recycling make it possible to treat electronic waste like WEEE. The grounding and sorting systems are adapted to company treatment objectives, without prejudice to the important role carried out by Panizzolo hammer mills. The refining system closes the recovery cycle, giving value

to the smallest percentages of metals and obtaining a secondary raw material output. Panizzolo Recycling develops advanced and customised WEEE treatment plants. Safety and sustainability are guaranteed by using a wide range of accessories directly designed according to the company’s first-hand experience.

Shredding and grinding

The production layout changes depending on the customer’s requirements and the type of WEEE. Through manual shredding and sorting, the customer is able to achieve the grinding and separation of the remaining metal components. To meet the recovery objectives, Panizzolo analyses together with the customer the type of waste and hourly quantities, so as to identify the necessary technologies.

The refining cycle

The Panizzolo refining system completes the WEEE recovery cycle, valorising and recovering the output of metals mixed with inerts exiting the eddy current sorting systems.

The process is performed mechanically, by using patented refiner mills, resistant to wear-causing steels and inerts. The treatment is performed completely in line, finishing with the sorting of the copper, aluminium and brass granules. The outputs, impurity-free, are classifiable as secondary raw material.

What is your treatment requirement?

We listen to your needs and can supply you with the best technologies to meet your business goals.
The processing cycles are designed to maximise production activities, to be able to attain full recovery of secondary raw materials and to reintroduce them directly into the economic cycle.

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