Our history

Panizzolo Recycling is an established Italian brand recognised worldwide as a company specialising in the supply of metal waste recycling solutions. This solid industrial concern has a long history and family tradition dating back to the post-war years.


The company is founded by Pietro and Orlando Panizzolo, with a focus on ferrous scrap collection and trading.


A development process starts for a new machinery concept: Mauro Panizzolo designs the first hammer mill with a patented interchangeable cradle, an absolute novelty in the industry.


Continuous, direct experience brings several improvements and upgrades, leading to the development of a very high-quality, easy-to-use and low-maintenance hammer mill in the early 2000s.


An increasingly interested clientele calls for Panizzolo Recycling hammer mills to be marketed. The group establishes itself on the Italian market as a company specialising in the production of highly efficient recycling machinery and plants.


The product range is expanded with new recycling systems. More and more national and international companies decide to process their waste with Panizzolo Recycling solutions.


The European Union certifies the output of the Panizzolo Recycling refining plant as top quality and complying with REG.EU333/2011 – REG.EU715/2013. Panizzolo Recycling achieves ISO 140001: 2015 certification confirming its commitment to respecting the environment.


Extension of the product range with the new Panizzolo refining plant. In-house patented technologies allow companies in the sector to perform End-of-Waste treatments on waste that used to be considered practically impossible to recover.


The pandemic don’t stops the company growth process. With the expansion and strengthening of its international presence, Panizzolo increments its operation by opening a third site.