Treatment and recoveryof end-of-life vehicles

Among special waste, end-of-life vehicles represent an important source of secondary raw materials. However their complex composition makes their treatment difficult and long in a profitable way.

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At the end of their life cycle, vehicles undergo a sorting process to recover the components that still work and to send unusable components to proper waste disposal. Many of these operations are still carried out by means of laborious manual sorting jobs which slow down the end-of-life vehicle recovery process and nullify its profitability. As far as this is concerned, latest statistics on the correct disposal of automotive waste point out that the amount of car disposal facilities is dropping and that Italy is below the required European standards (read article). Like in other situations, the new recycling technologies can represent an important solution. Automation of the recycling operations reduces manual labour and processing times and allows for the proper sorting of all of the components.

This way metals, fabrics, plastic and rubber are divided correctly and quickly, leading to significant gains in profit. Automotive shredder residue (ASR) represents a big problem in the sector. It consists of glass, fabric fibre, rubber, plastic, and various types of filth and still feature a considerable percentage of metals such as iron, steel, copper and aluminium that need to be brought for recovery. This fluff can be introduced into the Panizzolo refining plant, performing an End-of-Waste treatment cycle and recovering all the metal components.

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