Metal recycling:from waste to resource! 

We are specialised in the recycling of metals, transforming metal waste into secondary raw material.

Growing concern for the environment and new European standards on recycling have begun a progressive transformation of the waste processing sector. A quality process whose main goal is the complete recovery of metal waste and its reintroduction onto the market as secondary raw material is at the centre of this transformation.

A second life for metals!

We transform bulky waste into resources thanks to smart, competitive metal recovery plants. Respecting the environment and developing our customers’ businesses is our mission!

Our metal recycling solutions are aimed at achieving high quality final output. In fact the secondary raw material must meet high purity standards to be able to be classified – and received by furnaces, steel mills and industries. Today, more than before, quality has become the primary parameter to fulfil most trade opportunities and to guarantee a good return on investment.

Wherever the mere breakup and grinding of metal waste are not enough, we offer metal sorting solutions which go from the use of eddy currents to that of optical readers. In years of first-hand experience, we have developed systems that automate and optimise the process making it safe and efficient. A second life for metals? The outputs can reach high purity levels thanks to our refining and granulation plants.

What is your treatment requirement?

We listen to your needs and can supply you with the best technologies to meet your business goals.
The processing cycles are designed to maximise production activities, to be able to attain full recovery of secondary raw materials and to reintroduce them directly into the economic cycle.

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Our strength lies in continuous research and innovation – two milestones that, over years of experience, have led to the creation of patented solutions unique in the market.

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