Mobile hammer mills

Transportable recycling plants for the flexible grinding of metal scrap

Grinding patents

A common characteristic of Panizzolo hammer mills, the interchangeable cradle is a significant plus in the grinding of metal scrap

Transport and installation

The special frame makes loading and unloading of the machinery simple, while the compact structure avoids needing to use exceptional transport on road. The Flex Mobile series is supplied pre-assembled, allowing for quick installation.

Low energy costs

The hammer mill maximises the ratio between energy consumption and hourly productivity. The line includes models from 90 kW to 315 kW, with production performance from 3.5 ton/h to 15 ton/h depending on the machinery.


The machinery is designed to minimise production downtime and the number of operators involved in the operation.

Low sound emissions

The outside of the Flex Mobile hammer mills are covered with soundproofing and water repellent panelling, to greatly reduce noise and protect against atmospheric agents.

Treatment flexibility

Thanks to the patented cradle built into the hammer mill, the machinery stands out for high flexibility in processing scrap.

The “Flex Mobile” line consists of compact recycling plants designed for the grinding and initial sorting of metal scrap. These are turnkey solutions as they include as per standard: soundproofing cabin, load hopper, hammer mill, feed system, conveyor belts, magnetic sorting, electric panel, supervision software, electric and safety circuit. Various sorting accessories can be installed depending on the treatment cycle, designed directly by Panizzolo to be modular and interconnected for operation of the machinery.

The mobile plants facilitate access to the synergic areas of the structure and allow for quick and easy maintenance operations. Panizzolo hammer mills allow full access to the grinding chamber where one can effectively intervene on the cradle, rotor, grilles, hammers and armours. All these details make a difference in reducing any machine downtime.

Consistent with our quality policy, Panizzolo designs almost all of the components and uses components coming from Italian or North European suppliers known for top quality in the sector.