Stories and interviews

of our customers and of our team

Our customers

Not only technical and production performance. For the perfect success of each installation, a relationship must be established based on human value, professionalism and technical competence.

What sets us apart is the awareness that behind each plant there is a company run by women and men. These are persons whose stories, experiences, needs and goals always deserve to be valued.

Starting-up new plants

The installation of recycling solutions is the last step in a design, pre-assembly and testing process. Each start-up is always a new personal and collective satisfaction for our team.

What is your treatment requirement?

We listen to your needs and can supply you with the best technologies to meet your business goals.
The processing cycles are designed to maximise production activities, to be able to attain full recovery of secondary raw materials and to reintroduce them directly into the economic cycle.

Electric motors




Metal scrap

Mixed metals


Slag processing

Paper mill pulper

End-of-life vehicles

Car engines