ECOMONDO 2020 digital edition: Panizzolo and the Northern European market

Karim Bekkous, area sales manager in Panizzolo, tells us about the "particular" Northern European markets, the scrap companies that compose it and how the presence of the Paduan company has been consolidated thanks to the quality of its recycling solutions.

“Speaking specifically of some markets such as Germany, Holland, Belgium, they remain “particular” markets, as, in addition to international competition, we are faced with local competitors, therefore in front of producers of recycling solutions no engineering studies, of course they ask for particular attention and I must say that also in this case, Panizzolo made all the technical staff available to me as support to give clear and concrete answers.”

“In my experience, as regards the markets of Central and Eastern Europe, I must say that the greatest satisfaction is that of having received excellent feedback from these markets, through an explanation of the logic of the operation of the plants and thanks to our plant, where we were able to carry out a whole series of tests, our customers have chosen us for different solutions, finding our products of excellent quality, without forgetting the relationship between investment, ton / h production and quality of the final product. our professional growth has been exponential based on the plants installed.”

“Panizzolo is currently in full development throughout Europe, confident of achieving consolidation in other markets in the two-year period 2021-2022, with the wish not to be faced with situations like the one we experienced in 2020, which despite everything we have managed in a manner optimal, carrying out all the projects and achieving the set goals thanks to the combination of many people, both from our customers and from us who have worked with a common goal.”