Towards the future of the sector

Recycling companies need to deal with abrupt market changes these years. New technologies and new treatments become essential to define profitable business strategies, consistent with strict government regulations and the needs of an ever more globalised sector.

it's time to maximizethe value of metals

With ever more complex scrap, the market requires ever more refined materials for efficient reintroduction in the production cycle.Foundries, steel mills and drawing mills choose their suppliers ever more carefully, preferring those who can guarantee a high-quality material.Mixed scrap or contaminated with inert is kept out of negotiations, soon to become categories completely off the market.


Panizzolo Recycling provides competitive, cutting-edge metal waste recovery and processing solutions, designed to maximise the return on customers’ investments.


Efficiency, flexibility and innovation are benefits working synergistically to turn our recycling processes into valuable, profitable allies of the environment.

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