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Electronic and electrical waste represent a great challenge in recent years. Continuously growing, they become an important product for metal processing companies. Panizzolo plants can recover the steel, iron, copper, brass, aluminium and printed circuit metal fractions.

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Panizzolo plants are valued for their production performance, low consumption and management costs, and their ease of use. We stand out for our strong experience as direct users of processing systems and, exploiting this know-how, we study all the new solutions focusing on the customer and on the success of their investment.

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Waste electric and electronic equipment, abbreviated WEEE, is a waste growing at a high rate which was processed inappropriately in the past. In recent years, industrial economies and a technology-dependent lifestyle have brought about a great accumulation of this type of waste and the need for a specific treatment aimed at recovering the valuable materials present in electronics and microelectronics. Different types of processing cycles are expected depending on the type of WEEE – mainly divisible between household, commercial and technological – going from the recovery of the electric motor and ferrous

components to the valorisation of those commonly known as “rare earth elements”. Panizzolo plants join in processes aimed at recovering steel, brass, iron, aluminium, plastic and copper. These metals are found in power supply units, electric cables and various types of components and require a preliminary mechanical sorting, subsequent grinding and quality sorting.

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