ECOMONDO 2022: The technological innovations presented by Panizzolo

At Ecomondo 2022, Panizzolo Recycling Systems presented several technological innovations, enabling companies to maximise production, reduce operating costs and achieve full recovery of secondary raw materials.

At the end of a year full of trade fairs, Ecomondo in Rimini, Italy, never loses its appeal. For Panizzolo Recycling Systems, the trade fair event was a complete success. A great exhibition, companies from all over Europe and a concentration of entrepreneurs with a clear vision of the production and quality targets they want to achieve in the coming years. The metal recovery sector is, in fact, constantly evolving. On the one hand more and more complex scrap is generated, on the other hand the market demands the reintroduction of increasingly refined products into the production cycle.

In addition to this, we were able to welcome a steady stream of companies to our stand, who came especially to learn about our recycling solutions and the technological innovations we presented on 09 November and 10 November.

The presentation of the new “Mega – Series 7” Hammermills

During Ecomondo we presented a preview of the new Mega 735 and Mega 725 models, which make up the new range of hammermills called ‘Mega – Series 7’.

The design of the new mills followed the same philosophy that has always distinguished Panizzolo, completely renewing and replacing the old Mega range of hammermills. The technical department focused on defining the new mills in three essential aspects: increased productivity, processing flexibility and simplified maintenance operations. This has also been made possible by the constant communication between the technical department, internal R&D and end customers working with Panizzolo machinery.


Among the technological innovations on display, the audience was pleasantly impressed by the following highlights:


Compared to previous models, the new Mega 7 Series increases hourly productivity without changing energy consumption. In fact, the Mega 735 mill has a 450 kW motor and a production capacity of up to 35 t/h. In contrast, the Mega 725 model has a 355 kW motor and a production capacity of up to 25 t/h. Consequently, the new design has aligned the structural quality that has always distinguished Panizzolo machines.


Special attention was given to the redesign of the components and the entire structure. In this way, the Series 7, compared to the market, can perform treatment on a greater range of heavy-duty scraps, many of which do not require pre-machining.


The installed upgrades further reduce machine downtime for checks, cleaning and periodic maintenance. The Mega Series 7 features the latest generation of casings, roofs, safety systems and a new range of accessories to make operators’ work easier and faster.

The new Mega Series 7 hammermill models always feature the patented interchangeable cradle, a historic Panizzolo patent and a key element in the grinding process, processing flexibility and maintaining structural quality over the long term.

The presentation of the new developments of the Panizzolo refining plant

Another important new feature presented in conjunction with Ecomondo are the technological innovations of the Panizzolo refining plant, consisting of the new refining islands and the new RAF 330 hammermill.


The design of specific treatment units independent of each other allows the recovery of metals from mixed and highly abrasive waste to be maximised at all times, adding the possibility of step-by-step processing. Specialised islands are also always characterised by their modularity and flexibility, allowing companies to keep the


The refining plant has always been characterised by its patented hammermills. Designed directly by Panizzolo, they do not install generic blades but rather special cast hammers and armours, making them capable of processing waste with steel, glass, cement powders and other wearable aggregates. The grinding logic and patented elements also ensure longevity of the components, uniform wear, greater performance in volumetric reduction and constant quality of the output metals.

The new RAF 330 model presented to the public at Ecomondo takes up and updates many of these technological aspects, with an important innovation in hourly production. With an electrical output of 200 kW, the RAF 330 hammermill can process up to 3 t/h of waste.

We thank you for your great participation 

We would like to thank the many companies from all over Europe and beyond who came to visit us at our stand at ECOMONDO, making this trade fair event a complete success.

After the fair is not the end of the fair. Our sales team is still busy following up on the many enquiries received during ECOMONDO. We look forward to being able to thank you one by one for your visit and remain available for those who were unable to attend this year’s event.

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