Panizzolo recycling plants

Modular and flexible. Designed to keep up with the changes on the market.

Treatment cycles to recover metals from metal waste.

Thanks to our thirty-year experience, to our team of qualified professionals and high technological know-how, we have built high efficiency and flexibility metal recovery plants throughout the years. Our customers continuously achieve optimal results in terms of output quality as well as processing times and costs thanks to high hourly productivity, a significant reduction in energy costs and maximum yield of the processed materials. The Panizzolo Recycling plants for metal waste are cutting-edge solutions, fully in-house designed and aimed at maximizing the yield of our customers’ investment.

Our patents. Our strengths.

Thanks to our strengths and patented components, Panizzolo Recycling processes maximise production, while reducing management and maintenance costs.

Turnkey solutions

Our plants are characterised by a high level of modularity and flexibility, allowing them to keep up with the changes on the market or to seize new commercial opportunities.