Our interchangeable cradle

This makes Panizzolo hammer mills unique in the sector.

smart simplicityis the real innovation

A common feature of Panizzolo Flex hammer mills. This innovative patent is the key element in the grinding process of metal waste and scrap, with significant advantages in the quality of the outgoing product, in treatment flexibility, in maintenance and in maintaining the structural quality of machinery in the long-term.



The Panizzolo interchangeable cradle allows the hammer mills to adapt themselves, in less than twenty minutes, to the treatment of many types of metal scrap or to change the size of the outfeed product.


The cradle is a unique structure located in a specific housing inside the hammer mill and does not need to be secured with screws or other. It has specific hooking points for extraction, reducing machine downtime.

Structural solidity

Steelwork, welding and machining of the interchangeable cradle are carried out to nullify any points of fragility and to maintain a high structural quality in the long-term and in heavy-duty scrap processing.


Cradle and grilles are available in different models, depending on the type of scrap and treatment cycle.

Protecting the machinery

The presence of the cradle inside the Panizzolo hammer mill limits and absorbs the vibrations produced by grinding, so that they do not affect or put stress on the entire structure of the machinery. the most feared enemy in the treatment of metal waste is wear. Thanks to the patented interchangeable cradle, excellent performance in terms of productivity and lower long-term maintenance costs can be maintained.

Output quality

Thanks to the fundamental contribution of the cradle and grilles, Panizzolo hammer mills efficiently grind scrap, obtaining high density ferrous proler, the quality of which is renowned in many foundries.