Soundproofing cabin

Soundproofing specifically dimensioned to contain and reduce the noise of the Panizzolo hammer mill. The walls are made of self-bearing panelling, containing specific water repellent soundproofing material. It has a manual side sliding door providing full access to the hammer mill. Supplied complete with ladder, access door, up to two compartments for the extraction of processed material, lighting and safety circuit.

Complement: Customised emblem

With no additional costs, you may customise two emblems with your company logo.

Complement: column crane with folding boom

For outdoors or indoors depending on the production area. Structurally suitable according to the hammer mill model.

Cabin for manual sorting

Specific soundproof cabin for manual sorting, supplied in different models and completing Panizzolo recycling solutions. Dimensions and compliments change according to the processing logic and production area. Supplied already with a suitable conveyor belt.

The standard composition of a Panizzolo cabin includes insulated walls, electric and lighting circuit, air circulation, operator workstation, air conditioning/heating systems and other accessories that guarantee the complete livability of personnel working inside.

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