Flex 1300

Stationary recycling plant with hammer mill Designed for the flexible grinding of metal scrap.

What sets apart our Flex 1000 hammer mill:


electric motor power


productivity (up to)


machine weight

n.32 - 22kg/cad

hammers: amount and weight


rotor weight


patented cradle weight

Fields of application

The hammer mill can grind and refine various types of medium-sized metal waste. Some examples include: small transformers, small electric motors, WEEE scrap, shred aluminium, tins, SUW waste, mixed ferrous metals and still more.

Oscillating surface with eccentric

Specifically designed by Panizzolo to handle the infeed and outfeed material and reduce vibrations to the machinery. The special system evenly distributes material, appropriately checking and balancing the material flow.

Reduction of environmental vibrations

24 vibration dampers are installed between the base and floor. They can dampen about 80% of the vibrations produced by machining, thus protecting structural quality and operator safety.

Electric panel: design and components

The Flex series includes a totally in-house designed electric panel. This allows for the quality check of the components and their constant upgrading. Specific energy analysers record processing data and dialogue with the software. To protect the components against metal dust, the panel is insulated and equipped with a filtering and temperature control system of the inlet air.

Combinable accessories

Depending on production requirements, the machinery can quickly be combined with a wide range of accessories and sorting systems.

What is your treatment requirement?

We listen to your needs and can supply you with the best technologies to meet your business goals.
The processing cycles are designed to maximise production activities, to be able to attain full recovery of secondary raw materials and to reintroduce them directly into the economic cycle.

Electric motors




Metal scrap

Mixed metals


Slag processing

Paper mill pulper

End-of-life vehicles

Car engines