Eddy current

The bulky waste sorting systems for non-ferrous and inert materials of the Eddy Current series ensure thorough sorting of processed materials – a key step to properly refine metal scrap. Thanks to an eddy current system, these plants perfectly sort out non-ferrous metals such as aluminium, copper and stainless steel from heavy inert materials such as plastic, rubber and wood. A high efficiency version is also available for the recovery of stainless steel and non-ferrous metal granules.

Panizzolo eddy current sorting systems are developed in collaboration with leader companies in the sector, considered top quality on an international level.

The machinery is supplied complete with support structure and electric panel with control management software. Steelwork and software designed directly by Panizzolo, so as to streamline and speed up periodic inspections and maintenance. The vibrating table coupled to eddy current allows to evenly distribute the material on the belt and improves its exposure to the magnetic poles.

Models table:

model Standard operating range Indicative production: up to….ton/h
Profile aluminium Mixed aluminium

width 1000

ECP-BV 1000 Medium-Fine 4
ECP-V 1000 Medium 6
ECP-ES 1000 Medium 6
ECP-V 1000 Medium-Fine 5 6
ECP-E 1000 Medium 9 11
ECP-S 1000 Heavy 9 11
Width 1500 ECP-V 1500 Medium 9
ECP-ES 1500 Medium 9
ECP-E 1500 Medium 12 14
ECP-V 1500 Medium-Light 8 10
ECP-S 1500 Heavy 12 14
Width 2000 ECP-V 2000 Medium-Fine 12
ECP-S 2000 Heavy 15 18
Complement: special drums and belts

The specific upgrades are developed directly by Panizzolo. They can be supplied according to the type of material and production cycle.

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