Air handling filter

Supplied to complete Panizzolo systems, the air flow rate, fans and extraction ducts are calibrated by the technical department according to the production layout. The bag filter performs dry extraction and filtering of the dust produced during the waste processing cycle.

The operating and monitoring controls are located in the middle of the plant’s control panel, greatly simplifying control, management and maintenance.

Complement: air compressor with structure

Pneumatic system for cleaning bag filters. Complete with structure, nozzles and connection pipes.

Complement: spark detection system

Optical sensor for the fire protection of the filter. Complete with valves and electrical connections.

Complement: Special alloys for wear-causing dusts

If the processing cycle includes extraction of wear-causing dusts (with presence of glass, cement, etc.), Panizzolo allows you to install leadscrew nuts and impellers in specifically designed alloys.

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The processing cycles are designed to maximise production activities, to be able to attain full recovery of secondary raw materials and to reintroduce them directly into the economic cycle.

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