New Panizzolo strategies for post-emergency recovery

The exceptional situation caused by COVID-19 in recent months has changed many of our working habits with new logistical, health and production challenges. It therefore becomes essential to find new strategies to overcome the current emergency, given that coronavirus containment measures differ from country to country.

With a spirit of productive revival, Panizzolo Recycling Systems reopened its offices near Padua from 4th of  May. In compliance with the Prime Ministerial Decree of 16 April 2020, we have previously prepared the recent national security protocol, informing and training all our collaborators, both to work in complete safety and to welcome all companies in the sector appropriately.

Together with our collaborators, we have chosen since March to continue production with the addition of adequate health measures. This continued until the national lockdown, without any impact on the health of our workers, carrying out the dense production planning and allowing us to reopen efficiently and safely in May.

During this period our service and sales offices remotely supported all the recycling companies, with the same efficiency and professionalism. In the same way, we reassured our collaborators by creating a special communication channel and publishing constant follow-up. To ensure the greatest possible protection, Panizzolo Recycling Systems has directly anticipated the extraordinary redundancy fund and shared a detailed production revitalization strategy, allowing us today to continue on the path of the set objectives.

We expect important changes in the scrap metal treatment sector in 2020, also thanks to the new action plan for the Circular Economy of the European Union.

To overcome this crisis, more and more recycling companies will focus on End-of-Waste treatment cycles, looking for suitable technological suppliers. In recent months Panizzolo Recycling Systems has worked on several fronts, developing its commercial skills and designing a new series of recycling machines that will soon be launched on the market. Consistent with our mission and vision, these new recycling technologies will allow companies to expand the production, logistics and quality performances of the secondary raw material output.