In second half of 2016, the assembling of the new Flex 1600 Mega hammermill has been completed. With electric engines up to 630kW, and a hourly output production up to 20 tons per hour, this new model keeps all working, easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain typical features of Panizzolo Hammermills.

Panizzolo Technicians designed Flex 1600 Mega hammermill to meet the needs of those companies who, being aware of Panizzolo Hammermills’ high efficiency, were asking for machinery which can work on heavy and bulky materials, as this has always been a trouble for similar companies.

Counting on their experience, Panizzolo Technicians gave an answer to this problem.
With Flex 1600 Mega Hammermill, these companies have no longer to keep themselves tied to huge and obsolete hammermills, whose purchasing, maintainance, energy and personnel costs can hardly be written off.

Differently from other competitors’ products, Flex Mega Hammermills serie always impressed recycling companies because of its structure, strong and designed to keep the extreme stress of working materials.
Thanks to its special alloy armours and anti-wear 50kg hammers, its hourly production is way bigger than competitors’.

Basing itself on Flex serie Hammermills’ success, Flex 1600 Mega Hammermill’s working method allows extreme shreddings with lower tear, while the patented Panizzolo interchangeable cradle gives access to a wide range of working ferrous and non-ferrous materials.