By the end of 2015 the Panizzolo Group consolidates its market leader presence in the supply of plant and machinery for the electric motors recycling plants (from WEEE and industrial) and enhancement of individual metals in output (such as copper, aluminum and iron).

A growing number of companies, both in Italy and abroad, choose to treat the electric motors with the technologies offered by the Group.
From the first half of 2015 in Italy many of these plants are working at full capacity, especially in collection and treatment companies, steel mills and a multinational group present in 17 European countries.
Abroad, many plants are operating in collection and processing companies located in countries such as (for example) Spain, Germany, Poland, Holland and others.

The systems differ from company to company because that innovative and modular technologies allow to treat the electric motors depending on their needs.
Starting from the grinding and division of ferrous material from non-ferrous, Panizzolo plants are able (thanks to simple changes and / or fast and efficient upgrade) to perform perfect separations of metal components from inerts. Panizzolo plants are able to obtain perfect enhancement and separation of copper and aluminum.

The modern and innovative technologies are based on the company’s consolidated twenty years experience, offering simple machines to use, fast to maintain, and with an eye to the processing flexibility (thanks to the patented systems).

Seeing the Panizzolo plants in operation, companies were affected by: the hourly productivity, the quality of the output material and the type of electric motors processed (from WEEE collection and from medium-small engines of industrial type).
Companies also have not remained indifferent to the almost totally mechanized processing cycles and the control software, developed to maximize productivity, simplify the management and reduce downtime.

Conscious of the high quality standards that market asks in the treatment of electric motors, the Panizzolo Group has always been – and continues to be – at the forefront in ensuring (with its installations) the maximum exploitation of this type of waste. The direct experience of Panizzolo technicians allows companies to use machines and systems that offer concrete solutions, simple and effective, unmatched in recycling of metal and ferrous waste sector.