Flexible treatment in fluff waste management

Launched at the beginning of 2019, the new Panizzolo refining plant for fluff waste management.
Also presented in January during the IERC conference (in which Panizzolo participated with a dedicated speaking session), it consists of a Panizzolo patented hammermill that is designed to complete the Fluff waste cycle and obtain EoW metals output by recovering steel, aluminium and copper (even coils and electric motors).


Solid waste in input are differentiated into the following types: Fluff from mixed, crushed and ground metals, Fluff from floatation systems, car fluff (from discarded vehicles), WEEE recycling fluff and other secondary mixes.
The refining system is designed to recover metals with an End of Waste cycle logic. On completion, it obtains granulated aluminium, copper and steel that is completely separated and classified as secondary raw materials.


Panizzolo hammermill: machines that reduce management costs

RAF-M and RAF-F hammer mills are Panizzolo refining plant’s core operation.
Perfect after extensive tests carried out at the Panizzolo scrap and waste recovery plant at Padova, this category of hammer mills guarantees reliability and safety in fluff waste management.
As opposed to electric cable shredding plants (structured to separate copper, plastic and shred aluminium cables without other foreign metals), the Panizzolo hammers mill refiner has a fixed and mobile hammer rotor.
By means of a reinforced structure, patented machining logic and components with special casting, the plant is perfectly in line with the treatment and recovery quality required by the company in North Europe. Our client treats complex waste composed of: copper, aluminium, plastic, fabric, cables with earth coupling (with presence of steel and nickel), radiators with iron reinforcement, pins with steel, cement powder and glass powder from WEEE, metals mixed with steel and iron (from grinding electric motors) and many more.


Thanks to the unique hammermill refiner, Panizzolo ensures a method of recycling waste that is difficult to handle (and usually started at the landfill), almost completely automated, while components subject to wear are designed to maximise the service cycle and simplify replacement. The solidity of Panizzolo waste treatment plants is proven by the said company that still operates in continuous production cycles.


Maximise the price of copper

The recovery of metals and separation from inert materials is carried out with an automated mechanical treatment cycle. The mixed fluff is ground, separated from magnetic components and finished off with granulation and separation of copper and aluminium.
Following the waste treatment regulations and aiming to obtain commercially marketable renewable metals, the Fluff waste treatment and recovery plant guarantees a higher quotation of the metal output, especially increasing the valuation of the sales price of the copper granule. This is proven by the Panizzolo scrap and waste recovery plant, certified manufacturer of secondary raw materials (Mps: EU 333-2011 and EU 715-2013).
Requests for this new technology are constantly on the rise in Italy and Europe. Completing the waste cycle with a single plant that works End of Waste (EoW), management of waste fluff and car fluff opens the doors to new perspectives to which the market is reacting with great interest. European companies acknowledge that Panizzolo, by means of its refining plant, has been able to transform a large problem into an interesting business opportunity.