At the end of September, in POLAND, Panizzolo Group completed the installation of the innovative recycling plant with Flex 1000 hammermill.

At full operating speed this plant allows the recycling of ELECTRIC MOTORS & CANS FROM MSW: the final result is an excellent separation of ferrous, copper, allumiun and inert parts.

The production line starts from FLEX 1000, installed on a special hopper designed for loading the recycling materials, as per customer’s needs; ending with the separation system SMNF 1000 for the excellent division between coppers, aluminium and inerts.
Panizzolo Flex 1000 Plant can process even the toughest materials, thanks to the excellent quality of its components.

Compactness, easy and fast maintenance and high performance are the main features of this plant, for keeping constant hourly production and high quality result in output.