Panizzolo Recycling Systems and the news of Ecomondo 2020

The scrap market is shaken by important changes, especially accelerated by the recent COVID-19 emergency. While continuing to invest in new recycling cycles, scrap processing companies analyze operating costs much more thoroughly than in the past.We talk more about it with Matteo Turatto, Sales Director at Panizzolo Recycling Systems, clarifying how this is connected both to the consolidation of technological supplies and to the innovations that will be presented at the next edition of Ecomondo 2020 .

Good morning Matteo. How is the scrap market changing? And in what direction Panizzolo is moving ?

Compared to four or five years ago, the sector is evolving in a very clear direction: companies must make the most of metals if they do not want to lose their competitive advantage. The market requires the recovery of more complex waste, which requires ever more efficient recycling plants. For this reason, in the analysis phase, companies are more sensitive to all those qualitative aspects that give an economic return in the medium to long term. Exactly on this front Panizzolo Recycling Systems has consolidated its market positioning, with excellent response from both Italian and foreign customers.


Through which strengths the Panizzolo recycling and refining plants meet the needs of the sector?

We are chosen because we know how to offer innovative technologies, with management costs much lower than other recycling machines on the market. Today, it becomes essential for companies to know the operating costs that will result from the investment: management of the scrap treatment cycle, energy consumption, maintenance and spare parts, personnel employed and more. The low costs of the Panizzolo lines benefit the productivity of the plant, a crucial node for the economic prospects in the medium and long term. In addition to this, customers appreciate our professionalism in providing turnkey solutions and high quality in supporting the technical staff .


How have you achieved these successes?

Continually investing in Research and Development in our historic headquarters, where there are only waste treatment plants designed by Panizzolo. Here we have developed high quality flexible technologies, with very important patents in hammer mills and refining plants.

The success of our treatment solutions comes from the ability to correctly balance costs, continuous production reliability, flexibility in the fields of application and the enhancement of the outgoing fractions.

The solutions in refining plants are particularly appreciated for the innovative treatment cycle, responding to a demand that the market was unable to satisfy with adequate machinery. To date, our refining hammer mills have three patents for the enhancement of copper, aluminum, brass and steel deriving from waste waste, with the possibility of making an excellent economic profit from the output material.


With regard to this path, what will be the news that you will present at the 2020 edition of Ecomondo?

We are satisfied with the growing demand for refining plants and will present the latest upgrades. In addition, towards the end of 2019 we launched a monitoring plan of some of our hammer mills installed in highly intensive treatment cycles with 16-hour shifts. In this way we were able to identify new technical solutions, significantly increasing productivity and arriving, like the new 2020 Mega 1500 model, even at 30 tons / h. All this while maintaining the same energy consumption and quality of outputs .

We will present the new models of the Flex series and the Mega series. The innovative grinding concept will allow companies to think about a delta between expenses and revenues that is different from market standards, with an interesting view also on the timing and methods of return on investment.

Think about an increasingly dynamic and specialized future of the market?

Within our company, we have long started this path, effectively responding to the changes in an increasingly demanding business. Compared to the competition, we have chosen to specialize in the valorization of metal scrap thanks to the innovative hammer mills from 90 kW to 450 kW.

The continuous commitment to Research and Development allows us to boast a solid professional reputation among the companies in the sector. Our peculiarity of anticipating market needs allows us to position ourselves as a leader in the production of these machines.

We are very satisfied with the achievements: our main goal is customer growth and positive feedback confirms our work. If customers make a real profit from our products, it means that we are going in the right direction, for the companies that have chosen us and for those to come.