In the first months of 2018 the installation and commissioning of the new Flex 800 Mobile was completed at an important Eastern European company.

Panizzolo’s custom is the careful and studied design based on years of experience that allows to combine high productivity with low energy costs. The new 160 kW Flex 800 Mobile boasts an output of up to 8 tonnes per hour.



The user company, for this reason, is able to perform excellent processing treatment both with the aluminum profile and with the carter mix from the car engines, switching from one to the other simply and quickly thanks to the cradles interchangeable system (Panizzolo pantent).

The Flex 800 Mobile has been designed to be strong and sturdy, allowing the user to process the heaviest materials in complete safety. The hammermill works according to continuos production cycles and in extremely harsh climate conditions, as the commissioning has been completed during a heavy snowfall.


Included in the Flex 800 Mobile there are the specifically-designed loading system, the hydraulic circuit which allows (trought the special push-button panel) the machine opening for maintenance, the electrical panel and the Panizzolo’s software for simple management and automatic processing optimization.
All components are installed on a transportable structure which is enclosed within a soundproof cabin. It guarantee low noise level and great safety for the entire process.

Like the Panizzolo mobile grinding line, the hammermill has been designed to be quickly and easily transported and installed, ensuring the user to start working in the shortest time.


Following the Flex 800 Mobile, the waste treatment cycle is completed by a magnetic separation module (which intercept the hammermill output) and an eddy current separation system ECP 800 (for the division between non-ferrous metals and aggregates).

Panizzolo experience is something that waste recycling companies can count on. Panizzolo recycling solutions give unique results with simple and smart features, saving maintenance time and money.