A new Panizzolo electric engines recycling plant has been installed and started-up, in October 2016, to work with engines coming both from industries and WEEE.

Sold to a big company in Northern Italy, this plant is composed of a Flex 1000 Mobile Drum Hammermill, to shred engines and separate iron from non-Ferrous material, with its built-in magnetic drum.
Right after the hammermill, a Dynamic Shake PZ 1250 sieve helps separating perfectly iron from copper wires, while an Eddy Current SMNF 1000 Separator refines non-magnetic output material.

Because of a growing interest on having good quality copper coming from electric engines, Panizzolo Group is taking advantage from using the Flex Industry Serie in this working area.

A Flex Industry Hammermill has been installed in the final section of the recycling plant, giving immediately proof of being well-designed: its hourly production and output material quality are like no other.
After the Flex Industry hammermill, copper is separated and refined by a granulation plant with densimetric boards.

Quick installation and start-up are what Panizzolo Group is renowned for. The whole plant was fully operating after two days.
The ease of its use, hourly production and its working flexibility confirm the high quality of Panizzolo equipment for ferrous and metal scrap recycling.