The competition stimulates Companies to provide goods and services more and more innovate. However, when entrepreneurs fail professional correctness , the disadvantage lies one customers.

The nobel prize in literature 1949 William Faulkner wrote: "It's competition that keeps the world moving, not love."

Historically, competition and concurrency brought many benefits to society. For example the tight race to the moon between the United States and the Soviet Union had important positive effects in the fields of medicine, telecommunications and civil engineering.

In the same way, in the modern market, the comparison between companies is of vital importance. To protect the profitability of our customers investment, Panizzolo Recycling invests in Research & Development and maintains a high commercial ethics with all companies in the sector of metal waste treatment. Panizzolo recycling solutions represent years of knowledge, whose concrete quality is recognized both by customers and competitors. That’s good to be encouraged by competitors so we can emprove everyday.

But what happens when professional correctness ceases and some companies start to abuse this right? Depending on the case, dangerous behaviors may be initiated such as, for example, acts of confusion (imitation), acts of denigration, dumping and more. Obviously each singular case has to be examined in the appropriate place, where the jurisprudence protects those who have the right.

In the meantime, who is the real victim? It is the end customer. Without correct comparison parameters end consumer’s choice can be influenced by distorted and not healthy trends of competition. When business ethic fails, what remains after all?

We are aware to have unique and innovative products and we watch over the market to ensure that healthy competition protects all our customers.

Recently, Panizzolo has been involved in a litigation with an Italian Company responsible of infringements for unfair competition and violation of trade secrets.

The Court of Venice with supervision order published in february 24 th , 2020 with R.G.8435/2018, recognized that documents on which legal protection was requested, had economic value and could bring to competitive advantages on the market. Therefore, in the outcome of the procedure, with decision that can be modified in the next judgments stages, the Court recognizes that “It is clear that its technical and commercial know-how has been taken from the applicant (Panizzolo, ndr) and it has been used by the defendant”, and “Inhibitory must be granted in order to prevent the defendant from using confidential information, which can lead to an illegal competitive advantage (…):

“For these reasons
Order to the defendant [name] not to use the confidential information pertaining to the applicant [Panizzolo, ed.] and subject of the description provision”

This decision from the Court of Venice leads us to continue and strengthen our market surveillance activity. We are recognized for the high quality of our recycling solutions. For this reason our clients must be able to choose the best solutions for their business activities.