A new Panizzolo metal recycling plant has been started-up in Malta during the last days of February 2017.

In one of the most-densely populated areas of the planet, waste collection and treatment require special care and a peculiar flexibility in management.

Challenge was not easy at all.

Needed requirements were: a compact plant, capable of working with several materials, whose hourly production couldn’t be less than 3 tons per hour.

After many operational tests with metals, electric engines, radiators, aluminium carter and WEEE, Malta company confirmed that Panizzolo plant was the chosen one, also for its compliance with the demanding Maltese regulation.

A complete line for metal treatment, composed by a versatile Flex 500 Compact Mobile – 90kw (with in-built iron separator), vibrating sieves and an Eddy Current Separator, is now working full-throttle and reaches production peaks of 3/3.5 tons per hour, according to input material.

Panizzolo Plants confirm once again to be extremely reliable and adaptive, helping silently and tirelessly to improve our environment.