“Towards the future of the sector”, the new corporate video by Panizzolo Recycling Systems

“I think that reaching the objectives together with the customer is one of the things that gives the most satisfaction in Panizzolo. For us, a satisfied customer means a customer who is doing good business with our recycling solutions”.

Through a choral story, the company wanted to present itself by its own team, made up of people who work every day with tenacity and competence to put corporate values into practice in all production steps. For Panizzolo, what do words such as quality, simplicity and flexibility mean concretely? Why is research and development considered of primary importance? And how does the use of the latest generation software add value to the productivity of the plants?

“Towards the future of the sector” becomes a real compass for those recycling companies that – in recent years – have to navigate across sudden market changes, where increasingly complex scrap requires treatment technologies capable of defining concrete and profitable business strategies.

For this reason Panizzolo, faithful to its concrete, direct and no-frills style, explains why its recycling solutions are always aimed at obtaining maximum profitability from the scrap waste treatment.