The new End-Of-Waste treatment cycle in Roster Ltd

Roster Ltd has been operating throughout Europe in the field of demolitions for over thirty years, also actively participating in the recycling of scrap resulting from these works. Precisely with this in mind, Rosen Terziev, owner and founder of the Bulgarian company, decided to close the recovery cycle internally, making the most of the metals and choosing Panizzolo technologies for an End-of-Waste treatment.

Roster Ltd: an ambitious and structured industrial reality

Roster Ltd was founded on May 10, 1990, specializing in the mechanical demolition of buildings, disassembly of plants, equipment and industrial machinery, as well as processing related to the recycling of ferrous metals. The company focuses its business on the demolition of public and private structures, both industrial and structural. As Rosen Terziev, representative and director of the company explains, in this sector the choice of the machinery with which to operate is fundamental. For this reason << proprietary means are used in the processing, chosen from the products of world-class manufacturers with proven effectiveness and productivity. High-performance machinery and good technical availability allow us to work quickly and efficiently >>. The company operates throughout Europe with import and export channels for recycled materials in the Netherlands, Hungary, Romania and Turkey. << For this – continues Terziev – we are constantly looking for new partners and new markets >>.

Roster boasts a young and ambitious staff, with technicians and operators focused on company growth objectives. << I have a highly professional team >> explains Rosen Terziev << who, in carrying out their business, assure customers honesty, cooperation and personal dedication. Currently, more than two hundred people work in the company, operating in the dismantling and recycling departments and divided into three offices within the national territory. >> Roster is in fact present in Smolyan with the administration and an operational area of ​​8 thousand square meters, in Plovdiv they own a second branch of 3 thousand square meters, while in Kameno they operate within a third site of 37 thousand square meters. << Not to mention the various construction sites throughout Europe, with a staff of engineers committed to following every single phase. Our offices act both as a logistics center for vehicles and for the storage and treatment of rubble and scrap. However, in the next period, given the constant development of the company, we plan to expand into a new area of ​​54 thousand square meters >>.

Panizzolo and Roster: a winning partnership

In Kameno City, located near Burgas and its commercial port on the Black Sea, the new Panizzolo recycling plant was recently started up with the task of treating scrap, mixed metals and armored cables obtained from various demolitions. << The project was born within a special meeting >> explains Rosen Terziev << where I discussed the desire to treat this waste internally to increase production capacity and reduce company costs. Anton Alabaschev, one of my most trusted collaborators, has undertaken a detailed research and market analysis. With the presentation of the most interesting companies, the name of Panizzolo Recycling Systems stood out and, together with a second colleague Hristo Zeynelov, nicknamed “the Italian”, we started the first contacts >>.

For the success of this project, the establishment of a relationship based on human value, on the spirit of enterprise, on professionalism and technical competence, proved to be fundamental. In fact, Terziev tells us that << At the beginning they were analyzing two other Northern European companies, however Panizzolo was able to hit the mark by taking us to see the plant located in their historic headquarters in Piove di Sacco. The answers to each question were adequate and professional and, speaking of all aspects together, we were able to perfect our initial ideas >>. And he continues << for us the price has never been the main factor. We have always sought contact with people and this is precisely what made us choose Panizzolo Recycling Systems. We saw a staff with a great desire to work and to build a truly complete plant for the recycling of mixed materials >>.

The Panizzolo treatment cycle: from waste to secondary raw material

The installed system guarantees Roster a flexible and End of Waste treatment. If, on the one hand, waste such as mixed metals, electric motors, WEEE and mixed armored cables enters, on the other hand a granular product comes out and can be classified as a secondary raw material.

Scrap is subjected to different phases: starting with a volumetric reduction thanks to the shredding PZ 2H 1500 R (2x132kW), a grinding using the Flex 1000 hammer mill (250 kW – up to 11 ton / h) and then continuing with appropriate systems for separating the output material. An independent treatment line is dedicated to the Panizzolo refining plant. This has the purpose of enhancing certain fractions leaving the previous plant, enhancing the granular metal such as copper, brass, aluminum and steel.

<< Coming from our demolition activity >> Terziev explains to us << the waste occurs mainly in a mixture of iron and electrical material. We needed a system that could cope with this heavy refusal and the Panizzolo technicians were able to professionally guide us to the correct setting >>.

Rosen Terziev: “Panizzolo an example of quality and professionalism”

To comply with the Panizzolo quality policy and allow Roster operators to become familiar with new technologies, the start-up of the plant went hand in hand with specific theoretical and operational training cycles. As proof of the solid relationship that has formed between Panizzolo Recycling Systems and Roster, the owner Rosen has delivered a special letter of thanks to Karim Bekkous and Mauro Panizzolo where you can read the following extract:

“I wish to express my sincere gratitude towards PANIZZOLO SRL.

It was a real privilege and pleasure.

During our cooperation, I was pleasantly surprised not only by the acceptability of the pricing policy and the quality of your products, but also by the high culture of communication and the professionalism of your staff.

We have shown that when two companies have a common goal, even the restrictions due to the Covid 19 pandemic cannot stop them. This was an unforeseen challenge that made us realize the importance of many things – for example how grateful we should be to people around us / families, colleagues, partners.

I wish each of your employees good health, constant enthusiasm in new challenges, creativity and success in implementing every good idea. I hope that every effort is appreciated and that it leads to personal and professional prosperity.

I believe I have found a solid friend, the staff of your company, with relationships based on mutual trust and satisfaction.