This november a new Panizzolo truck and cars tire-recycling plant has been set up, for the production of high quality tire-crumb, which will be used as a fuel for concrete factories and incinerators.

It has been sold to a Swiss company, a market leader when dealing with tire recovery. It is composed by a PZ 2H-TYRE 1500 and a “daisy” shaped sieve PVM 1500.
This plant allows high quality tire-crumb, sized 50×50 mm., and a hourly production between 3 and 5 tons per hour, which comes with a significant energy saving, thanks to its electric engines.



As usual for Panizzolo Group, tire-treatment technologies help reducing shredding wear and consumption, because of the special alloys used in shredder blades.
The PZ 2H-TYRE 1500 comes with two 210 mm. diameter shafts, with independent transmission powertrain, which automatically reduces shafts speed from 12 to 6 rpm, according to required power.
Both shredder and sieve are designed for an easy and fast maintenance. This helps saving money because of short and simple service breaks.

Panizzolo Group is also a guarantee when talking about commissioning and start-up. Plant was working full-throttle after two days.
Hourly production, working flexibility and simple processing once again can confirm high quality features of Panizzolo plants and machines.