This is going to be a hard-working summer: Panizzolo technicians have been assembling and starting up new plants both in Europe and Italy. Panizzolo is particularly proud of one of these plants, as it works with slag and heavy ashes coming from industrial and municipal incinerators.

It has been installed and started for an important Italian company, and Panizzolo already scheduled similar plants to recycle the same kind of waste.

Counting on a long-term experience, Panizzolo engineers followed a simple and functional design. Plant’s final aim is separating the different kinds of slag/ashes and inert materials, recycling every part of iron and metals (brass, aluminum, and others).

This plant works with a Flex 800 hammermill, which is equipped with a 160kW electric engine. Flex hammermills’ patented feature allows wear reduction and maximizes final result’s quantity and quality.
Right after the hammermill, two separation plants work together to give a perfect final result: a magnetic drum separates ferrous metals, while an Eddy Current separator operates to obtain the remaining non-Ferrous metals.

Panizzolo Group Experience is something that Waste Recycling Companies can count on, as this Italian company knows how to deal even with the most difficult kinds of waste. Panizzolo Plants like the slag and heavy ashes recycling plant, give unique results with simple and smart features, saving maintenance time and money.